The “No Excuse” Healthy Travel Guide: 15 Tips to Healthy Eating While on the Road

  1. Sarah says:

    I definately needed to read this! I will be more conscious and picking hotels henceforth. Thanks Reina for all the very useful and healthy advices on your page.

  2. Pam says:

    Great tips! I don’t like it when I drink too much on vacation – if I’m lucky enough to not be hungover, I’m still tired and dehydrated the next day. I’d rather enjoy (and remember) my trip while I’m there! Also – the struggle to not overindulge in food is real. haha

  3. Kelly says:

    I have a difficult time with healthy eating always! My personal trainer had my pick 2 areas to start with. 1. Drink more water and 2. Eat breakfast. And recommended adding more protein. This list will be helpful for sure!

  4. Darla says:

    I never thought to order from a place like Sun Basket while traveling. We did order from Whole Foods while we were in Disney though and that worked out really well for us! Great tips

    • messybuntraveler says:

      Yes! I like to use Sunbasket while I’m on travel nurse assignments because it’s easy to just quickly update my shipping address. And the meals are quite easy to make! All healthy and organic ingredients too!

  5. Marcea says:

    I travel for work sometimes and it’s so hard to eat well after working and going back to a hotel room. I carry a reusable water bottle with me so I can be sure to drink lots of water. I also try to be very selective of what I eat – more so than when I’m home sometimes : )

    • messybuntraveler says:

      Those are all great things! Another tip: call your hotel ahead of time and ask for a mini-fridge and microwave!

  6. messybuntraveler says:

    I agree! It’s so easy to get caught up in the sights we forget to eat!

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