5 Things I Wish I Knew Before My First Spartan Race

  1. marsha a martin says:

    another amazing post as always. you are my newest hero do everything while you are young and healthy

  2. I don’t think this type of race is for me. But I’m so impressed with you and it makes me want to so 5Ks again!

    • messybuntraveler says:

      Absolutely do it! People of all shapes/sizes/ages/genders etc. participate in these Spartan Races and end up loving it! The comradery on the track is fantastic, and everyone there supports each other!

  3. Oh my, I heard about the Tough Mudder, but did not know there are tougher races outside the Navy Seal training. Well, I am glad you enjoy that. I think I’d rather snorkel for a few hours and enjoy the fish and corals.

    • messybuntraveler says:

      Yes, Tough Mudder’s and Spartan Races are similar setups, but Spartan Races are definitely a lot harder!

  4. Sage says:

    Oh, girl, you put the bad (the good kind of bad) in bad ass. Way to go!!!!

  5. Iuliya says:

    Wohoo Spartan races are always so so intense!! I’ve always admired people who go for it; I have so many friends who do. Time for me to put this on my bucketlist 🙂

  6. Jen says:

    Wow- intense for sure! Way to go!

  7. Kileigh says:

    Being in a Spartan race was on my dream board last year and it never happened. Maybe after baby is born I can set my sites on getting back in shape to do this race. Thanks for your inspiration.

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