Self-Care Isn’t Just for Dumb, Entitled Millennials

  1. Preethi says:

    I’m a HUGE fan of self care so your post totally resonated with me! And I’m kinda not doing a good job of self care right now! And no it’s not just for millennials or a fad – it’s really medically proven how important it is for our well being to take time out from our lives – especially the way our lives have become!! Great post!!!

    • messybuntraveler says:

      Girl, I hear you. Sometimes we are the LAST person to think about ourselves, so self-care kinda gets put on the back burner. I realized that in order to implement self-care in my life I have to plan it wayyyy in advance lol! I’m so glad you liked the post, hope you can find some time for self-care this week!

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